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The Jewel Software is an international Software Company created in 2009 as a provider of CRM solution for all Jewelers and Gemologists.

Fady & Christina , husband and wife duo initiated “The Jewel Software” for helping business owners to optimize and automate all their process and move to the digital world.


Our successful mission over the years allowed us to offer the Jewelers a solution hassle free.


Manager of the business will no longer have to worry about the number of warehouses or branches they are operating, or the number of employees they are managing. Our Jewelry Software will handle all the jobs with the least managing efforts by providing the owners with all needed Tools and Techniques.



Why Choose The Jewel Software


We help Jewelers & Gemologists to Improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Provide Best After Sales Support.

Rich Roadmap and continuous delivery of new features and updates.

Help business owners reduce cost.

Enabling Digital Transformation for The Jewelry Industry.

We see a world where you can focus on your business while we focus on automating your daily processes.